Calling for Elections, Constitutional Reform

IMG_5289The National Society of Black Engineers – Lehigh University Chapter officially announces its election procedure to install new Chapter Executive Board, notification issued for constitutional reform.

Our President, Bruke Mammo, informed the General Body the procedures for the upcoming spring elections for those interested in joining the chapter leadership. Potential candidates have until April 6th to declare their candidacy and campaign for office. The general body members inquired the duties of the various officer positions and how they impact the chapter’s success.

New to this election cycle is the positions of President-Emeritus and Treasurer-Emeritus which will be filled by the respective outgoing officers who can give advice in governance. Another position which is also going to be new to the Chapter Executive Board is a Conference Planning Chairperson who would be charged with the management of members to the various conferences that the chapter attends regularly.

Election turnout has a forecast with high numbers due to fortunate chapter growth. Several positions will face contest, especially with senior leadership.

In addition to elections, talks of constitutional reform are in the works to increase administrative efficiency. Approving of constitutional changes may appear on the ballot as well.


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